terça-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2010

Música para estar em casa

De baixa ou simples e alegremente de férias: o vinil do Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers nunca me deixa ficar mal (acompanhada), ou sozinha.

E algumas das suas músicas inspiram vídeos-colagem tão pungentes como este:

Every time you get a drink
And every time you go to asleep
Are those dreams inside you head
Is there sunlight on your bed
And every time you're driving home
Way outside your safety zone
Wherever you will ever be
You're never getting rid of me


You coulda made a safer bet
But what you break is what you get
You wake up in the bed you make
I think you made a big mistake


You clean yourself to meet
The man who isn't me
You're putting on a shirt
A shirt I'll never see
The letter's in your coat
But no one's in your head
Cause you're too smart to remember
You're too smart
Lucky you

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